Fix Orbi Pink Light Issue

How To Fix Orbi Pink Light Issue: Try This

Orbi is one of the most popular routers on the market. It’s known for its fast speed and reliable performance. But some users are experiencing a pink light issue with their router. This can cause problems with the network and affect the overall user experience. In this article, we’ll explain what causes the orbi pink light issue and how to fix it. Stay safe and keep your Orbi running smoothly!

What are the reasons for Orbi Pink Light

There are several reasons why your Netgear Orbi might be emitting a pink light.

  • First, it could be an indication that the device is able to connect to the internet but isn’t receiving any information. This is often caused by a problem with the Orbi’s connection to the router or poor wireless signal strength.
  • Secondly, the pink light could indicate that there is a problem with the Orbi’s firmware and it needs to be updated.
  • Lastly, if you see a constant pink light on your Orbi, it means that it’s in trial mode and you’ll need to purchase a subscription in order to continue using it.

Orbi Firmware Update to Orbi Pink Light Issue:

If you’re experiencing the Orbi pink light issue, a firmware update may be able to help. Toupdate your Orbi firmware:

1. Download the latest firmware for your Orbi router and satellite from NETGEAR Support, and make sure to get the version that’s correct for your particular model number.

2. Connect your computer to the router using an Ethernet cable

3. Log in to router web interface

4. The default IP address is http://192.168 168 1

5. Select Settings > Advanced > Administration6. Under Router Upgrade, click Check-> if there’s a new version available, it will be shown here ->and then click Download and Install.

Orbi Pink light issue- Steps To fix

  1. -Check the power adapter to ensure it is properly plugged in to an outlet and the Orbi unit.
  2. -Ensure the cable connecting the Orbi to your modem is securely plugged in on both ends.
  3. -Restart your modem and router, and then try connecting the Orbi again.
  4. -If you have another device that uses an Ethernet cable, try connecting the Orbi directly to your modem to rule out any potential wiring problems.
  5. -If you have recently installed new firmware on your Orbi, please go here for instructions on how to downgrade back to the previous version:

Wrap Up:

If you’re experiencing the Orbi pink light issue, there are a few things you can do to try and fix it. We’ve outlined some of the most common solutions in this blog post, but if you’re still having trouble getting your Orbi router working properly, please visit for more help or Contact our Technician for better result.

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