orbi app router not found

Orbi App Router Not Found: Here’s The Fix

Netgear’s Orbi is a mesh Wi-Fi system that can reliably cover your entire home, making it a top choice among home wireless systems. The product is simple to install and provides uniform Wi-Fi throughout our home. But even this repair needs maintenance occasionally. That is especially true when our gadget cannot connect to a network. That’s why we’re going to explain how Orbi operates, how to set it up correctly, and how to get rid of the orbi app router not found error message in this article.

To what extent does Orbi Network function?

The Orbi system from Netgear is a mesh network consisting of a router and several satellites. We usually use an Ethernet wire to link the router to the modem.

The Benefits of a Mesh WiFi Network

We can set up the satellites anywhere in the house, as they link to the router wirelessly. Therefore, we have a centralized network with several access points rather than multiple Wi-Fi routers and range extenders.

Having the same network name as the end user is a significant perk of using a mesh network instead of range extenders or multiple routers. It would be inconvenient if you had to change to a new web every time you went up or down a flight of stairs.

The Orbi mesh technology transmits data via wireless signals from every access point in your home. The nodes are linked wirelessly and can efficiently relay information to one another. How should this be set up?

How can I set up Orbi so that it works properly?

Orbi Tri-band from NETGEAR Connectivity for the Entire House

The Orbi app must be downloaded to a mobile device before the Orbi mesh Wi-Fi system can be set up. To begin, turn off the old Wi-Fi router and any other wireless networks to which your mobile device may be linked.

Disconnecting means unplugging the old router. You’ll need access to the internet; the data plan on your smartphone will do nicely. Launching the Orbi app allows users to sign up for a new Netgear account or sign in with an existing one.

A suggestion to update to the latest Netgear product appears. The Orbi router’s QR code is scanned after we select Yes and activate the camera. The modem must now be reset by being unplugged and replugged into its power source.

We can proceed to the next step by selecting Next on the app as soon as we’ve done that. Following this, we can use the bundled ethernet cable to link the modem to the Orbi router. Afterward, we set up the satellites across the house by clicking Next.

Connect the satellites, and press the Next button. As the configuration progresses, the router joins the network, identifies the satellites, and prompts us to provide our preferred network information (password, username, etc.).

We must upgrade the Orbi’s firmware if a newer version is available, which it does automatically. Keeping the firmware up to date is crucial. Your Wi-Fi mesh network is now operational. But what if you’ve already got everything set up and there are still problems?

Frequently Encountered Problems with Orbi

Orbi not found has problems like any other router or mesh system. Fortunately, these problems are all easily solvable. Proper setup is still essential, but there are alternative solutions to consider.

New software for the Orbi RBR50

Sadly, there is a problem with internet connection speeds after an upgrade to the Orbi mesh system’s primary device, the RBR50 router. This merely indicates that the firmware update was not thoroughly tested and is potentially unreliable.

Don’t misunderstand; the update was likely tested with a “clean install” and found functional. This is why a factory reset is sometimes required before updating.

With a factory reset, you may start fresh. All mesh nodes provide a Reset button for factory default settings. Paperclip trick to reset them: push the button, wait for the green light to turn to amber, and done. Now that you know how to set it up, it should function correctly.

There is no link between the satellites and the router.

The Wi-Fi signal cannot cover a whole house without a two-way connection between the router and the satellites. Initially, we need to set up the system in a single room. We can then move the satellites to other locations where the router’s signal can reach them.

The satellites can also be linked together in another fashion. First, use Ethernet cables to connect the satellites to the router. Sign in to your Orbi system and navigate to the Advanced settings page. Select the Wireless tab from there and click the Enable Daisy-Chain Topology button.

As a result, the satellites and router can exchange data across the wired network connection. Then, select Add Orbi Satellite from the Basic menu. The missing satellite should be easy to add.

No Orbi router could be located

This is an extremely common problem during setup. Once the Orbi router has been connected to the modem and the user has joined the Orbi network, the app will report that the Netgear orbi router not found.

Verify that the modem can communicate with the Orbi router via the ethernet wire. Make sure it works on at least two distinct gadgets. If it doesn’t accomplish the job, replace it.

In addition, you can try power cycling the modem and Orbi router. When all else fails, try resetting it to factory settings.

Not detecting Orbi network

In the event of a power failure followed by the disappearance of the network’s SSID once power was restored, the surge may have destroyed the equipment. On the contrary, a factory reset is required if all hardware components are functional.

Repeat the app’s instructions for setting up the mesh network, but use a new network name this time.

If the power is stable, the network isn’t suddenly appearing, and the Orbi lights on the back of all the Orbi devices are green, it may be time to upgrade your network drivers.


Even if a mesh system like Orbi may cover the entire house, it still has the same flaws as any other piece of gear. Thankfully, now you know how to fix the issue of Orbi App Router Not Found.

However, there are occasions when the network isn’t visible, the router isn’t recognized during setup, updates slow down the connection, and the satellites aren’t linked. We can do a lot about them using the Orbi app and the Orbilogin page.

Finally, a factory reset is your best bet if you’re having problems with a piece of hardware. If this does not resolve your problem, please contact customer service. The help desk staff will instruct you on how to resolve the issue.

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