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Orbi slow wifi

Netgear Orbi Wifi Slow Internet Speed: Let’s Fix It

Setting up an Orbi WiFi  is all about getting fast internet at home. But if your Orbi slow wifi, you might not be able to get the most out of your Orbi device. So, if your Netgear Orbi router is slowing your internet and you want to know how to fix it, read this article. Here is a list of different tricks that will help you solve the problem quickly. So, let’s start.

Orbi Router Low WiFi Problem Fixed Below

Relocate Your Orbi Router

Your Orbi router will not perform as well as it is capable of if you do not position it in the optimal location. Therefore, it is essential to position your Netgear Orbi router in the optimal location.

When it comes to moving your Orbi WiFi router, the following are the most significant considerations you should keep in mind:

  • Put your Netgear Orbi router in a neat, clean room with good airflow.
  • Try to put your Orbi WiFi router somewhere in the middle.
  • Keep a safe distance between your current modem and your Orbi WiFi router so that signals can be sent between the two devices correctly.
  • Don’t put your Netgear Orbi WiFi router near corners, concrete walls, devices that send out radio waves, surfaces that reflect light, or metal objects. If you do this, WiFi won’t mess up the signals from your router.

Quick Tip: Your orbi wifi slow could also be caused by a connection that is unreliable between your Netgear Orbi wifi connection and the modem that you already own. So, it’s best to connect both WiFi devices with an Ethernet cable that won’t break. Make sure that the connection is correct as well.

Update Latest Netgear Orbi Firmware

orbi wifi slow

The way your WiFi device works is controlled by the firmware of your Netgear WiFi router. If you don’t update it on time, it can also cause your orbi slow wifi speeds. So, we strongly suggest that you update the Orbi firmware.

Follow the steps below to update the Netgear Orbi router firmware:

  • The Netgear Orbi wireless router needs to be turned on.
  • Let your Orbi router’s power LED settle down.
  • Now, attach your Netgear Orbi router to the modem using a wire.
  • After that, turn on your computer.
  • Start up an updated web browser that you like.
  • You can save the firmware file for your Netgear Orbi router wherever you want on your PC after you download it.
  • Then, open a new tab and put orbilogin.com in the address bar of that tab.
  • Hit the Enter button.
  • Use your username and password to log in to your Netgear Orbi router.
  • To update the firmware, go to Advanced > Administration > Orbi Firmware Update on the Netgear Genie dashboard.
  • Now, click on the tab that says “Manual Update.”
  • The firmware file for your Netgear Orbi router should be on your PC.
  • Click the button Yes.
  • Your Netgear Orbi WiFi router’s firmware will be updated.
  • You can upgrade the software on your Orbi router in this way. If updating the Netgear Orbi firmware doesn’t change anything, it’s likely that your router is using a busy WiFi channel.

Change The Channel On Your WiFi

If the internet connection on your Netgear Orbi is very sluggish, you could try switching the WiFi channel. It is in your best interest to choose the option with the fewest people on it.

Simply following the procedures outlined below will allow you to change the WiFi channel on your Netgear Orbi router:

  • Get to the page for orbilogin.
  • Once the Netgear Genie setup wizard comes up, go to the Settings menu and choose the Wireless option.
  • Now pick the WiFi channel that works best for you.
  • Don’t forget to click the button that says “Apply.”
  • Your Orbi WiFi router will no longer have a problem with orbi wifi slowing after you change the WiFi channel.


This is all the information you require to know about how to solve the Orbi Wifi Slow internet on your Netgear Orbi WiFi router. If you are still having problems, you could try resetting your Orbi router to its factory default settings and configuring it from scratch. This is an option if you are still having problems.

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