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Orbi Setup With Existing Router

How to Netgear Orbi Setup With an Existing Router? 

To what extent are you pleased with the performance of the Netgear Orbi mesh WiFi system? Is the Orbi WiFi network acting up, requiring reboots at inopportune times, or failing to connect to the internet altogether? Is this happening after you update to the most recent firmware? We have the solution for you with our Netgear Orbi setup with existing router. The brightness controls of the Netgear Orbi will also be covered. Well, if you want netgear orbi setup with existing router then there are multiple things to ponder. This guide has everything that will help you with easy installation. 

How To Setup Orbi With Existing Router?

Step 1 : Unplug Everything & Reconnect

Turn off your modem &, if necessary, remove the battery backup and replace it. Get the modem back into the computer’s network. Connect the modem to the Orbi router’s yellow Internet port using the Ethernet cable provided. In order to use your Orbi router, you must plug it into an electrical outlet. If the Orbi router’s Power LED just on the rear is dark, you may turn it on by pressing the On/Off switch on the front.

Step 2 : Wait till It Gets Turned On Again

To continue, you must first wait for the ring LED on the Orbi router to turn on solid white, then to pulsate orbi white light. If you want optimal WiFi coverage throughout your home, put the Orbi satellite in the middle of the house. You must provide electricity to the Orbi satellite for it to operate. If the Orbi satellite’s Power indicator light isn’t glowing, try turning it on and off using the remote.

Before continuing, wait until the ring LED on the Orbi satellite is solid white, then pulsing white, and finally pulsing magenta. The Orbi satellite’s ring LED may flash magenta for up to a minute while it attempts to synchronize with the Orbi router. Once the Orbi satellite’s ring LED begins its magenta pulsating pattern, it will cycle through the following colors until going dark for good after 10 seconds:

  • Solid blue. The Orbi router plus satellite have flawless two-way communication.
  • Solid magenta. When trying to connect to the Orbi router, the Orbi satellite repeatedly fails. It has been found that placing the Orbi satellite nearer towards the Orbi router increases performance.
  • Solid amber. There is a passable level of connectivity between both the Orbi router & the Orbi satellite. Possible solutions include relocating the Orbi satellite nearer to the Orbi router.

When the ring LED on the Orbi satellite continues to blink orbi purple light after approximately a minute, even after you’ve moved the satellite nearer to the router, you should try pressing the Sync switch on both the router and the satellite. This is among the most crucial steps when you are doing Netgear orbi setup with an existing router. 

Step 3 : Connect It With Desired Device

The Orbi router / satellite works best when connected to a computer, tablet, or smartphone via an Ethernet cable and WiFi network.

Remember that the Orbi router / satellite will have a label with a preconfigured WiFi network name (SSID) & password printed on it; you can then use a WiFi-enabled smartphone or tablet to connect to that network.

In order to begin configuring your Orbi WiFi network, either download the accompanying app or visit orbilogin.com. The Orbi router’s ring LED is disabled after setup is complete.

Once the LED lights on the satellite have been activated, their intensity may be modified by the user.

Netgear Orbi Setup tips:

The first step is to launch a web browser on a smartphone or computer connected to your Orbi network.

  • To log in, go to orbilogin.com.
  • A prompt to enter your credentials has been shown.
  • Type in the administrator’s login details for the router.
  • Their username is Admin. You used a personal password when you first logged in. Passwords and usernames are case sensitive so that you can access the site.
  • Renders the bare essentials In the main menu
  • Select Devices Attached from the menu.
  • The associated hardware may be seen on a dedicated page.
  • Pick the one you wish to utilize as a satellite.
  • A new window will open up after you click the Edit Device button.
  • It is important to make sure the LED lights are switched on.
  • A slider labeled “LED On/Off” allows you to quickly and easily turn the LED lights on or off.
  • Two LEDs are located at the very top and very bottom.
  • Select a proportion for the LED lights’ brightness from the accompanying slider.
  • It’s time to put the changes into effect.
  • Your modifications will be saved.


Are you also looking for a way to get the Netgear Orbi setup existing router detected without any issue? If yes, then this guide might have done all the leg work for you. If you are looking for better information on Orbi setup then feel free to visit the website now. We can help you resolve the error at the earliest.