Netgear Orbi Setup

How to Netgear Orbi Setup With Existing Router

Netgear Orbi setup is a fast, easy and secure way to connect your devices to the internet. Whether your router is from another brand or you just want to add more devices to your Netgear Orbi setup, we can help. With a Netgear Orbi WiFi router and installation from a professional, you will be connected to your network in minutes.

Connect the device to an energy source.

  1. Use the Ethernet cable. Connect it to the Internet port of your Netgear Orbi router.
  2. Connect the other cable’s end into the router you already have.
  3. Start an internet browser that you like.
  4. Fill into the URL field.
  5. Log in using your password for the orbi account.
  6. Select the advanced tab, and then click the  option ‘Advanced Setup’.
  7. Click ‘Router’ then select the working mode as “AP”
  8. Turn on the Orbi AP mode. Select to change the IP settings.
  9. Save the page and close your web browser. That’s all. The setup of orbi using the router you already have was simple.

How To connect Orbi to Router

1) Make sure that the Orbi satellite is connected using either Ethernet cable or the Orbi power cord.

2) Launch a web browser and type in the address bar.

3) You should be directed to the Orbi Router Settings page. Click on the tab with the satellite label.

4) Under the Network Name, select the name of the Netgear router.

5) Click Save to apply the changes. For Amazon’s orbi, go to and log in using your Amazon credentials. 6) Click Add Network/Device button.

7) Enter E-mail Address, User Name and Password, and then click “Sign In”.

8) Click Network Name on the left panel and enter the name of your Netgear router.

9) Click advanced tab on the top of the display screen, then click DNS over the LAN-WAN Override drop down menu.

10) Click Save Changes.

11) Select the Internet Connection and click on Configure IPv4 over the Status column.

12) Select the manual option and enter the primary and secondary DNS.

13) Click Save Settings to apply the changes.

Summing UP:

By connecting Orbi satellite, you can access your network which is placed at different area of your home. The internet speed will be the same as your main router. Orbi satellite WiFi nodes add WiFi coverage and connect to your home network devices and provide Internet access. You can set up Orbi WiFi system in two ways. You can set up Orbi WiFi System with or without satellite and if you facing any issue regarding or call our technician.

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