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Orbi Satellites Keeps Disconnecting

Orbi Satellites Keeps Disconnecting: Here’s the Quick Fix

Orbi Satellites are extra devices that are not the router itself, but they are used to improve the signal quality, download speed, and coverage of the Wi-Fi network that your main router provides. You can call them network boosters or Wi-Fi extenders to make them easier to understand. Because the Orbi system lets you add satellites to their routers, you can use it to make your Wi-Fi network reach more places and make it faster, better at processing, and do a lot more. For the Orbi satellites to work right, they need to be in sync with the main Orbi router. Here’s how to get an Orbi Satellites Keeps Disconnecting issue fixed.

Orbi Satellite Won’t Sync

Make Sure That It Works With Everything

First, you need to be aware of something very important: not all Orbi satellites work with all Orbi routers that are now on the market. Just because Orbi makes a satellite and a router doesn’t mean you’ll be able to connect, sync, and get them to work together in the best way possible. To get the most out of your Orbi router, you should check its compatibility often and ensure that any satellites you use with it are also compatible. Only then will you be able to make sure it works the best way possible.

You will also need to ensure that the router is compatible with the number of satellites you want to use. This is something else you need to look into. If you are trying to connect a lot of satellites to your Orbi router, the device may have reached its maximum number of connections. So, once you know the most satellites that your router can handle, you will be able to solve the problem in the right way.

Put Everything in Order

Another reason orbi satellites keeps disconnecting with your router is that you might not be setting up the device correctly. You will have to make sure that the satellite and the Orbi router are connected, either with an ethernet cable or wirelessly, for the system to work. After that, you will need to press the “Sync” button on both devices at the same time for it to work.

To set up a wireless connection between the satellite and the main router you are using, you will need to place the satellite as close to the main router as possible. This will ensure they can connect properly, and once that is done, you will be able to set up the satellite where you had planned to.

 Reset Orbi Satellite

You can also try to fix it by resetting orbi wifi. There’s a chance that your Orbi satellite is connected to a different router, which could be causing the Orbi satellite not syncing problems you’re having right now.

You’ll need to hold down the reset button for 5–10 seconds or until the white power LED on your satellite blinks. This means that your Orbi satellite has been reset to its factory settings. Once this is done, you will be able to confirm that it is in sync with your router.

Another Reasons Why Orbi Satellite keeps disconnecting

How Much Power Do You Have

Like every other electronic device, the Orbi Satellite needs electricity to work. It might seem obvious since everyone plugs in a new electronic device as soon as they get it. Still, depending on where the device is plugged in, the current might not be strong enough to work right.

By checking your current strength, you can figure out if it is good enough for all the electronics in your home to work as they should. 

If your orbi satellite disconnected, this will ensure you get the right amount of electricity, so your system should now work as it should. After that, try disconnect orbi satellite to the router again. If the power supply was the problem, it should now work.

Click Several Times on the Power Button

If the first step doesn’t work and you still can’t connect to the router, here’s another easy way to fix the problem. Find the power button on the right side of the back of your Orbi Satellite.

Then, click it several times, waiting one second between each click. That will make your system look for routers in the area and try to connect to them again.

After you click the button and the system tries to reconnect again, wait a few minutes and see if the signal is back. It should now work as it should. This simple fix should also strengthen your internet signal and spread farther in your house.

Restart Your Device

Electronic devices were not made to be on for long periods of time because they also need time to “breathe.” Aside from that, your devices will work better after you give them a chance to update their settings and eliminate settings or connections you don’t want.

Even though your Orbi Satellite should have a reset button on the right side of the back, unplugging it from the power source is the best way to restart it. So, go to the wall and unplug your Orbi Satellite. Wait a minute or two, and then plug it back in.

The device itself should take care of the rest, which will start over and get back to work in a better condition. This should fix the problem of not being able to connect to the router.

Sync the Satellites Again

If there are breaks in the internet signal at your house, the satellites may stop talking to the router. Some things might make it hard to reconnect, like how far away the satellite is from the router.

The good news is that this connection problem is easy to fix. Here’s what you should do:

Find the router and look on the back for a button called “Sync.” Press and hold the button for at least two minutes.

Then, find the Orbi Satellite and look for the Sync button on the back of the device. It should be the first button on the left. Press and hold the Satellite’s Sync button for two minutes.

Hope, Your Orbi Satellites Keep Disconnecting issue solve, if you still have problem must call our technician they surely solve your problem.